Triple-A Team


Yogyakarta Urban Development Project Triple-A (Atlas-Agenda-Aturan Main (October 2001 - September 2003)

Category : Development and Infrastructure investment
Periods : October 2001 - September 2003
Location :Urban Area of the Special Province Yogyakarta  (DIY)

Service Provider : Electrowatt Infra Ltd.
Project Value :....
Funding : Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)

Clients : 
Provincial and local government in Yogyakarta Special Province

Consortium Partners : 

  • Triple-A team
  • PT. Hasfarm Dian Konsultan, Jakarta.
  • PT. Larona SE

Staff Provided : 

  • 4 person (80 manmoth) expatriate and Indonesia Expratiat
  • 120 manmoth of profesional staff provided by Associated Firm

Background & Objective :
Background . Since its inception in 1989, the SDC-sponsored Yogyakarta Urban Development Program (YUDP I, II, III) had assisted the provincial and local governments of DIY in facing the challenges of rapid urban growth. The evolving scope of technical assistance widened from the provision of public infrastructure and strategic planning, to urban management, and good governance.
To capitalize on the experiences of previous phases, SDC agreed to a last phase of technical assistance in DIY before phasing out, with the aim of enhancing local government performance in the management of urban development. The project goal was the practical application of the principles of good governance through the effective use of outputs from previous YUDP projects, which for that purpose were to be integrated into three effective tools: an Atlas for greater openness and transparency, an Agenda for greater accountability and better coordination among the government, community and private sector as the urban development stakeholders, and Aturan Main (‘Rules of the Game’) for more effective public participation and better service delivery. The application of the three tools was expected to enhance government performance, to revive the trust of the community, and to restore investor confidence. The capitalization on the YUDP experience beyond DIY, both in Indonesia and globally, was to be achieved through the documentation of experiences, and the publication and dissemination of lessons learned.
Objectives. The main project goal was the practical application of the principles of 'good governance' in the management of urban development.The project goal was to be reached by achieving the following objectives: (i).Effective use of accomplishments of previous phases of YUDP; (ii). Sustainability of results through institutional anchoring and practical applications; (iii). Dissemination of lessons learned within Indonesia and globally; (iv).Hand-over and continuity of technical assistance support by new partners.
Building on the accomplishments of the previous phases of YUDP I, II and III, in particular on the pilot experience in Gunungkidul under YUIMS, the expected outputs of the YUDP Triple-A project were: i). Integrated Triple-A tool sets for the city of Yogyakarta, the regencies of Sleman, Bantul and Kulon Progo, and for the province of DIY; ii). Local and provincial government decrees, and public commitments to the application and dissemination of the Triple-A instruments; iii). Documentation of experiences and lessons learned, publications of this documentation, and presentations in workshops and seminars; iv). Commitments from other donor agencies and international lending agencies to take over the technical assistance role of SDC.


Services Provided :
Technical assistance was provided in the execution of the four components of the project, with each component consisting of three modules, as follows:
Component 1: Effective use of previous accomplishments:

  • Preparation of Atlases
  • Preparation of Agendas
  • Preparation of Aturan Main

Component 2: Sustainability of achieved results:

  • Anchoring of Triple-A tools
  • Pilot application of Triple-A tools
  • Routine updating of Triple-A tools

Component 3: Dissemination of lessons learned:

  • Presentation in Indonesia and globally
  • Publication of lessons learned
  • Documentation of experience

Component 4: Phasing out of SDC’s technical assistance:

  • Assessment of future technical assistance needs
  • Phasing in of new partners
  • Handover of YUDP assets

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