Triple-A Team

Yogyakarta-Jateng Earthquake

Category : Dissaster Mitigation
Periods : June – July 2006
Location : Yogyakarta-Klaten, Indonesia
Service Provider : Swisscontact
Project Value
Funding : SDC;Swiss Red Cross;German Red Cross
Clients : Local Government of Yogyakarta and Klaten
Consortium Partners :
Staff Provided : 2 International, 7 National

Description of Project:

The first Triple-A Tools were developed in Yogyakarta between 2000 and 2002 at provincial, district (kabupaten/kota) and sub-district (kecamatan) level. The focus of these first Triple-A tools was on the development of public infrastructure. In an updated version of 2005, the emphasis was shifted towards economic growth, creation of jobs and poverty reduction through regional cooperation and urban-rural linkages. Following the earthquake in May 2006 in the district of Yogyakarta, Swisscontact Indonesia was also able to quickly update the existing Atlas of this province with disaster-related information, effectively helping the government in its recovery and reconstruction planning and efforts. Originally Swisscontacts own budget was used for the effort, but during the process SDC and the Swiss and German Red Cross volunteered to contribute.

Service Provided:

  • Data collection from both local governmental and donor/aid institutions.
  • Field visits of earthquake affected areas.
  • Preparation of first draft Atlas within two weeks after the disaster
  • Dissemination of this Atlas to local stakeholders and donors and NGOs to serve as common bases for action coordination

Products :

  • ATLAS of Area affected Eartquake 27 May 20016 - DIY-Central Java : Indonesian-English Version
  • Pressing Issues Earthquake DIY-Central Java 27 May 2006 : 
    • Edition 27 May - 27 June 2006
    • Edition 28 June - 27 July 2006
    • Edition 28 July - 27 August 2006

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