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Urban Sector Development And Reform Program - USDRP  (October 2004 - April 2004)

Category : Strategic urban planning
Periods : October 2003 - April 2004
Location : City of Yogyakarta and Sleman Regency within the Special Province of Yogyakarta

Service Provider : Electrowatt Infra Ltd.
Project Value : 
Funding : Worldbank

Clients : Provincial and local government in Yogyakarta Special Province
Consortium Partners : Triple-A Team
Staff Provided : 6 person Profesional Staff

Background & Objective :
Background . The disruptions caused by the economic crisis in 1997 and 1998 led to the suspension of numerous development programs, especially those funded by external loans. Among these programs were those intended specifically for the country’s urban areas. Five years after the crisis, it was realized that it is necessary for such urban areas to re-assume their roles as the primary engines of growth if the national economy were to fully recover. At the same time it was recognized that the previous development model, which was predominantly government-driven is no longer viable under the prevailing spirit of reform and the need to apply the principles of good governance of stakeholder participation, transparency, and mutual stakeholder accountability.
Under the foregoing setting, the Ministry of Settlements and Regional Infrastructure, with assistance from the World Bank, launched the Urban Sector Development and Reform Program as a vehicle for resuming the bank’s loan assistance to the urban sector with equal emphasis on comprehensive and integrated local development, on the one hand, and governance reform on the other.
In the meanwhile, through the YUDP Triple-A Project sponsored by the Swiss Government and executed by the consultant, the local and provincial governments of DIY have each already developed a set of Atlas, Agenda, and Aturan Main as practical tools for development planning and implementation as well as for applying the principles of good governance. The Triple A, as these instruments are collective known, is therefore considered as in perfect congruence with the concept of USDRP.
Participation in USDRP was achieved on a competitive basis, with only 11 cities and municipalities, out of the 415 nationwide, qualifying for the first batch of participants. Out of the 11, the City of Yogyakarta and the Regency of Sleman were included based on their possession of the Triple-A tools.
As of a one-year program preparation work, technical assistance was provided to local governments to enable them to fulfill the program’s various criteria and prepare the various documents needed for program appraisal and implementation, including a comprehensive integrated urban development program or PJM as well as feasibility studies, environmental impact assessment, and detailed engineering design of discrete investment packages that are proposed for implementation during the first year of the USDRP’s five-year duration.
Objectives.The overall goal of USDRP is to build self-reliant urban communities that can provide sustainable urban services in order to improve the quality of life of people in the participating municipalities. Toward this end, the program assists municipalities in the formulation and implementation of the following:

  • Reforms to their governance self-reliance, economy, community role, and capacity for delivery of services
  • Development agendas comprising investment packages which look at the multi-dimensional aspect of urban development and which are identified through active citizens planning processes
  • Implementation of the investment packages through local government budgets, central government subsidies, private investors, urban communities, donors and lending agencies.

Services Provided :
Assistance is being provided to local governments in executing the following tasks:

  • Establishment of Urban Forum: 1). Analyze the existing schemes of consultation (their strengths and weaknesses); 2).Organize a workshop on and develop ownership for the Urban Forum; 3). Facilitate the establishment of the Urban Forum; 4). Help develop the tool kits for the operations of the Urban Forum.
  • Preparation and Finalization of Urban Development Strategy: 1).Analyze the existing city development plan; 2).Organize a workshop on and develop ownership for the Urban Development Strategy; 3). Collect the basic data and information on the cities; 4). Facilitate stakeholders meeting on Urban Development Strategy; 5). Based on the discussion of stakeholders, develop the draft Urban Development Strategy; 6). Help integrate the Urban Development Strategy in the city plan.
  • Preparation of Comprehensive Integrated Urban Development Program: 1). Analyze and identify priority program and project in terms of both capital investment and institutional development program in the context of the urban development strategy of the city; 2). Ensure that relevant experts and professionals are involved in the formulation of programs and projects; 3).Study existing information on studies and relevant program and project preparation documents whenever they are available, and evaluate these for the purpose of formulating the proposed CIUDP programs and projects; 4). Identify study and project preparation activities whenever they are needed and assist in drafting the TOR and assignment of implementation to do the study/project preparation.
  • Delivery of an Agreement of Stakeholders, Especially the Mayor, Chairperson of DPRD and Representative of ForKot : 1). Help develop the stakeholders agreement and in facilitating discussions; 2). Help municipalities legalize the urban development strategy.
  • Delivery of Eligibility Criteria for USDRP: 1). Help the municipalities prepare the action plan and time schedule to meet the conditions before the appraisal; 2). Assist the municipalities in implementing the action.
  • Preparation of Feasibility Studies and Bidding Documents for the Sub-Project: 1).Assist in the preparation of full technical, financial, and economic feasibility assessments suitable for the appraisal of the proposed investments;2). Prepare bidding documents.

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