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Urban Air Quality Improvement Sector Development Program  (2005-2006)
Category : Urban Air Quality Improvement
Periods :  September 2005 - November 2006
Location : City of Yogyakarta, city of Semarang, city of Bandung, city of Semarang, city of Jakarta and city of Surabaya.

Service Provider : Swiscontact
Project Value : 
Funding :Worldbank
Clients : Bappenas and Government of DIY Province, Goverment of Semarang City, Government of DKI Jakarta, government of Bandung City and Government of Surabaya City
Consortium Partners : Triple-A team, Dainichi Consultant Inc. , Japan and center for Industrial Management Studies PSIMIL
Staff Provided :  Expatriat (5 person) and  Indonesia Expatriat (10 person)



Background & Objective :

The project’s objective is to improve urban air quality in Indonesia. Specifically, the project aims to help the government develop air quality management strategies and implementation framework, strengthen human resources and institutional capacity of air quality management, and promote public and private investments in air quality management.
The project has adopted the following interventions. - Development of air quality management strategy and action plan at both national and local levels This intervention aims to prepare a strategy and action plan, which serves as the basis of the Program’s policy component on air quality management for mobile and stationary sources, an implementation framework, and an implementation time frame. - Feasibility study to design investment components This intervention aims to prepare investment plan including bidding documents and contract packages for the public sector to improve air quality management.


Service Provided:

- Development of strategy and action plan at national and local levels (i) Reviewed existing air quality programs, policies and strategies (ii) Organized meetings and workshops to discuss with central government agencies and regional government stakeholders finding on the policy review and elements of the policy (iii) Prepared the strategy and action plan based on the above findings
- Preparation of investment plan for the public sector (i) Discussed with BAPPENAS air quality management programs and investment need for air quality improvement (ii) Reviewed the fiscal system at central and regional governments (iii) Prepared detailed cost estimates for the investment plan and designed a financing plan (iv) Prepared contract packages and draft bidding documents, proposed bidding procedures and procurement schedule, and designed the program implementation framework and schedule
- Preparation of economic analysis and poverty impact assessment (i) Analyzed quantitative and qualitative benefits of the Program (ii) Assessed the Program’s pro-poor and social impact (iii) Reviewed and discussed the assumptions and economic parameters used in the economic analysis (iv) Analyzed economic uncertainties and carried out a risk analysis
- Preparation of financial analysis and financial management assessment (i) Identified the project components necessary for financial analysis (ii) Carried out the sensitivity analysis to ensure the Program’s robustness (iii) Finalized the project cost estimates (iv) Prepared a financing plan comprising expected ADB financing and government counterpart funding (v) Assessed BAPPENAS’ and implementing agencies’ financial management capabilities
- Preparation of environmental and social assessment (i) Identified the environmental benefits of the Program (ii) Prepared an initial social assessment to determine social effects and mitigation measures

Products :

Strategy and action plan at national and local levels (5 Cities : Aglomeration of Yogyakarta, Jakarta City, Bandung City, Semarang City, Bandung City, and Surabaya City) for Urban Air Quality Improvement
- ATLAS : Eksiting Conditions
- National and Local Investment Progam
- National and Local Strategic and Action Plan
- Consolidated Action Program
- Consolidated Investment Program
- Shortlist of Investment Package

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