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Economic Development for Aceh Cocoa ( 1 July 2010 - 31 March 2012)


Category : Strategic Economic Development
Periods : 1 July 2010 - 31 March 2012
Location : Local Aceh Government : Pidie Jaya District, Aceh Tenggara District, Aceh Barat Daya District, Aceh Tamiang District, and Bireuen District
Service Provider : Worlbank
Project Value :
Funding : Worldbank - Multi Donor Fund Economic Development Financing Facility(EDFF)
Clients : Goverment of Aceh Province and Local Aceh Goverment
Consortium Partners :
Staff Provided :

Background and Objective:
The project in cocoa sub sector led by Swisscontact in Aceh province focuses on the improvement of quality, production and post harvest management; intensification; and rehabilitation of smallholder cocoa farms. The project’s development objective is “Increased income and job creation in the cocoa sub sector in selected districts of the Aceh province” whilst “Improved competitiveness of the cocoa value chain provides more business opportunities for the private sector” is the project’s purpose. For project’s implementation, Swisscontact formed an alliance with the international cocoa industry. A collaboration with Armajaro Trading Ltd. is set up to promote Acehnese cocoa worldwide and the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) will contribute to develop the District Based Cocoa Master Plans (DCMP) to be consistent with international best practices. In addition, WCF will coordinate cocoa research scientist fellowship exchanges for two Acehnese cocoa scientists and extension agents to engage them in national and international cocoa networks. For improved technical transfer knowledge, the project is partnering with Mars Incorporated in the establishment of two cocoa clone trials and hybrid testing farms integrated in the District Cocoa Clinics (DCC) of Pidie Jaya and Aceh Tenggara, as well as the know-how transfer to 12,500 cocoa farmers. Swisscontact envisions that by 2012 the Acehnese cocoa sub sector will have increased its production by over 50 percent from current baseline levels and will have established a reputation for quality cocoa beans where 75 percent meet the Indonesian national standard. The cocoa sub sector in the supported districts will have a clear plan for its development and through the international linkages facilitated through the project; the Acehnese cocoa sub sector will be in a more competitive position for future development.

Service Provided:

Output 1: Conducive policy environment and strategic planning tools for the cocoa sub sector:Swisscontact initiates this output by using a leading sector planning tool – Triple-A (Atlas, Agenda Aturan Main), that provides a platform for the public and private sector to develop a District based Cocoa Master Plan (DCMP) for Aceh. This tool was previously used in the preparation of the Agenda for Economic Development of Aceh in 2008. Related interventions are: developing a district based cocoa master plan and facilitating and institutionalizing the Aceh Cocoa Forum.

Output 2: Increased value (quality/volume) of smallholder cocoa production: The project will improve human resources in cocoa research and the cocoa supply chain, at the district, sub district, and farm level in cooperation with Dishutbun. Through the project, 12,500 farmers will receive a total of 210,000 person days of training on good crop husbandry practices. Related interventions include: strengthening cocoa research in Aceh; establishing low cost and flexible technical transfer systems for cocoa farmers; training of farmers in good agricultural practices for sustainable cocoa farming; farm rehabilitation, and cocoa farmer community strengthening.

Output 3: Improvement in market oriented business services in the cocoa value chain:Swisscontact has global expertise in facilitating business service development in a number of sectors, and will develop the key services to the cocoa sub sector of input suppliers, quality improvement, market access, and agriculture finance. Related interventions include: promotion of business services in the field of input supply; promotion of business services related to quality improvements and market access; and promotion of financial services in the cocoa value chain.


Products :

  • ATLAS - AGENDA - ATURAN MAIN Pengembangan Ekonomi Kakao Pidie Jaya
  • ATLAS - AGENDA - ATURAN MAIN Pengembangan Ekonomi Kakao Aceh Barat Daya
  • ATLAS - AGENDA - ATURAN MAIN Pengembangan Ekonomi Kakao Aceh Tamiang
  • ATLAS - AGENDA - ATURAN MAIN Pengembangan Ekonomi Kakao Aceh Tenggara
  • ATLAS - AGENDA - ATURAN MAIN Pengembangan Ekonomi Kakao Bireun

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