Triple-A Team

NCICD Acceleration of Phase A -2



Category Project: Urban Coastal dan River Development
Periode : April - Oktober 2016
Location : DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Service Provider : Bappenas, GOI
Project Value
Funding : World Bank 
Clients : Bappenas, Government of DKI Jakarta, GOI
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  • Background

The  Province  of  Jakarta  (DKI)  is  the  national  capital  of  the  Republic  of  Indonesia  and serves  as  the  center  of  public  administration.  The  city  has  a  population  of  over  9 million within a rapidly expanding urban agglomeration of almost 30 million that overlaps with the neighboring  Provinces  of  West  Java  and  Banten.  
DKI  Jakarta  lies  in  the  delta  of  the Ciliwung River with 13 rivers flowing through the city and discharging into Jakarta Bay. On the  one  hand,  Jakarta  has  a  great  potential  in  serving  as  major  engine  of  the  national economy.  On  the  other  hand  the  city  faces  multiple  problems  that  hamper  development, including recurrent flooding, water supply shortage, severely polluted rivers, congested port and notorious traffic jams. To fully benefit from Jakarta’s potential, we first need to solve the multiple problems. Since most problems are interrelated, it is impossible to solve them one-by-one.  Only  an  integrated  strategy  can  bring  effective,  sustainable  and  feasible  ‘win-win- win’ solutions.
Since the presentation of the Master Plan in 2014 private developers have attempted to accelerate land reclamation of four islands in Jakarta Bay, which was recently halted due to concerns of the Ministry of Forestry and Environment and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, and the need to assess the overall environmental impact of all 17 islands together, rather than the impact of each individual island. The ongoing construction of 63 kilometers of coastal sea dike under Phase A. of NCICD is hampered by the fact that a portion of 43 kilometers depends on the private sector. Likewise, the strengthening of 58 kilometers of river dikes is hampered by the fact that 20 kilometers depend on the private sector. Another reason for delay of the dike construction is the need for resettlement and relocation from densely populated riverbanks and seashores. Late implementation poses a serious and imminent threat for the flood protection of the coastal zone of North Jakarta. There is an obvious need to avoid an impasse and to get the project on-track without undue delay. For this purpose the NCICD Master Plan needs to be updated, taking into account the latest developments and including a corresponding implementation plan for the different stages until completion.
Acceleration of Phase A
Priority should be given to the acceleration of Phase A. For implementation without undue delay, we need to avoid obstacles, such as land acquisition and resettlement from the densely populated seashores and riverbanks. By moving the alignment of the sea dike from the coastline of North Jakarta to the northern edge of the proposed land reclamations in Jakarta Bay we avoid massive resettlement and relocation, and at the same time speed up effective flood protection, as part of an integrated package of strategic interventions to be implemented within the next 2-3 years.