Triple-A Team


Integrated Citarum Water Resources Management Investment Program - Support to Roadmap Coordination Management Unit
(1 March 2012 – 25 August 2014)


Category : Integrated Water Resources Management and River Basin Development
Periode : 1 March 2012 – 25 August 2014
Location : Urban agglomeration of Jakarta and the adjacent Citarum River Basin including Bandung
Service Provider : AHT

Project Value :
Funding : Bappenas, based on ADB Loan
Clients : Bappenas, Public Works, DKI Jakarta, Provincial Governments of West Java and Banten
Consortium Partners : Triple-A team
Staff Provided : 4 expatriate experts and 12 Indonesian experts

With an overall length of 269 kilometers, the Citarum River is the longest river in Java. The Citarum River and its tributaries are essential for the water supply of almost 30 million people including the urban agglomerations of Jakarta and Bandung, for food security as it provides irrigate onfor almost 400’000 hectares of rice fields that yield over 5% of the national rice production, and for hydropower of 1’400 Megawatt that is needed to cope with peak electricity demand. The Citarum River Basin is of national strategic importance, as it is located in the Economic Corridor of northern Java that serves as main engine for the national economy of Indonesia. Due to rapid expansion of the urban agglomerations of the national capital, Jakarta, and the provincial capital of West Java, Bandung, rural land and open green space in the Citarum River Basin is rapidly being converted into urbanized and industrial land. The overall population of the Citarum River Basin area is expected to increase from 30 to 60 million inhabitants, which will also increase the demand for space, for water supply, food supply and energy supply, but also for open space for recreation. Besides the Citarum River Basin faces severe environmental threats from erosion, landslides, sedimentation, flooding and pollution. There is a need to address these environmental problems, as well to anticipate and direct future demographic, spatial and economic developments. Given the enormous scale and multi-dimensional scope of these challenges, there is the need for a systematic intervention based on an integrated development concept and a strategic plan for its implementation. The success will depend on a joint endeavour of all layers and all sectors of government, investment of the private sector, and support of the community. The GOI has agreed with the ADB to launch a long-term investment program for integrated water resources planning and management of the Citarum River Basin area. The Citarum Roadmap that was developed in 2011 comprises 85 actions with a combined investment cost of 3,5 milliard USD. An ADB loan of 0,5 milliard USD will be provided to support implementation of the Citarum Roadmap.

Objective :
Effective coordination of planning and management among all sectors related to the Citarum River Basin, including the updating of the Roadmap and synchronization with related existing strategies and masterplans; Articulate a comprehensive vision and an integrated strategy for the Citarum River Basin that balances spatial, socio-economic and infrastructure development with conservation of environmental assets, especially natural water resources; Support organizational framework and institutional mechanisms to involve the stakeholders in planning, investment and implementation; identify, mobilize and allocate multi-source funding for Roadmap investment; liaise and network with international and bilateral donors operating in the same area.

Services Provided :
The project consists of the following components:

  • Component 1. Develop a comprehensive Atlas of the Citarum River Basin including the environmental and spatial data, socio-economic data, infrastructure data, disaster risk data, and institutional data. The Atlas is based on readily available information contributed by multi-stakeholder task forces. Based on the Atlas a SWOT assessment was made to assess the development Potential and Constraints.
  • Component 2 Prepare a strategic Agenda for the development of the Citatum River Basin area building on the Potential, and addressing the Constraints. The strategic Agenda is based on shared visions among the stakeholders that have been translated into joint strategies, synchronized actions and combined multi-source funding. In particular the Agenda synchronizes the planning of the water sector with the National Economic Development Master Plan (MP3EI) and MPA (Metroplitan Priority Areas), the Pola and Rencana that have been developed, the provincial and local spatial plans (RTRW) and the medium-term investment plans (RPJMD).
  • Component 3 Formulate mechanisms for effective implementation of the Agenda in based on the cycle of long-term strategy formulation, master planning, investment programming, funding and implementation, operation and maintenance, monitoring and evaluation. The mechanisms are defined as Rules-of-the-Game (Aturan-main) for stakeholder participation and multi-source funding, including PPP and CSR.
  • Component 4. A Long-list of Strategic Interventions was identified based on an assessment of the Atlas-Agenda-Aturan-main (Triple-A), a review of the previous Roadmap 2011, and of the Pola and Rencana, and an inventory of relevant other strategies and plans. The Short-list was derived from a selection of strategic interventions that were related to the water sector. These Strategic Interventions were then bundled into 12 Integrated Investment Packages based on four distinct locations and three stages of implementation. The overall Roadmap 2013 comprises 344 actions with total investment cost of about 18 milliard USD.

Products :

  • Atlas Pengelolaan Sumber Daya Air Terpadu WS Citarum, Vol I :Profil WS Citarum berdasar 5 Pilar
  • Atlas Pengelolaan Sumber Daya Air Terpadu WS Citarum, Vol II : Profil WS Citarum per Sub-DAS
  • Agenda Pengelolaan Sumber Daya Air Terpadu WS Citarum
  • Roadmap Pengelolaan Sumber Daya Air Terpadu WS Citarum 
  • Aturan Main Pengelolaan Sumber Daya Air Terpadu WS Citarum

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