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ICWRMIP – Citarum Upper Watershed Management

Integrated Citarum Water Resources Management Investment Program  – Citarum Upper Watershed Management ( July 2015 - March 2016 )

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Category : Integrated Water Resource Management
Periode : July 2015 - March 2016
Location : West Java Province
Service Provider : Bappenas
Project Value : 
Funding : Bappenas
Clients : Bappenas
Consortium Partners
Staff Provided :  2 International, 3 National

Background : 

• The purpose of the Upper-watershed Management and Development Plan is to provide a comprehensive long-term planning framework for identification, selection and prioritization of strategic interventions that are listed in the Roadmap based on expected impacts on water quantity, water quality and water flow, and expected environmental, social and economic benefits.
• Selected and prioritized strategic interventions can be included in Investment Projects that are supported by multi-source funding from government budgets (APBN/APBD), private sector investments (non-APBN/APBD), and supplemented by loans (PFR, World Bank, JICA).

• ‘Accelerated implementation and optimized funding of Upper-watershed management activities in Citarum River Basin’

•  Availability of direct implementable Upper-watershed Management and Development Plan for    Citarum (Bappenas);
•  Increased Non-APBN-APBD funding of Upper-watershed Management in Citarum River Basin    (Bappenas);
•  Effective use of loan funding of IWRM implementation in Citarum River Basin (ADB);
•  Increased impacts and benefits of IWRM implementation in Citarum River Basin (IME);

Service Provide:
Technical assistance was provided in the following three phases:
• Preparation Phase
           Prepare Methodology and Work Plan
           Prepare Inception Report
• Interim Phase
           Review Key Reports and programs related to Upper-Watershed Management in Citarum River Basin
           Consolidate Key Reports in Updated Upper-Watershed Management and Development Plan (UWMDP)
           Formulate UWMD Investment Packages with implementation planning based on expected      impact and multi-source funding (ABPN/APBD and non-APBN/APBD
           Integration of UWMDP in Implementation Planning Tool (Circuit)
           Prepare Interim Report
• Final Phase
           Identify Non-APBN/APBD funding sources
           Preparation of Final Report

Products :

  • Upper Watershed Management and Development Plan for Citarum River Basin
  • Studi Peluang Pendanaan Non APBD/APBN Pengelolaan dan Pengembangan DAS Hulu Citarum

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